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Technical wide format environments such as construction, architectural, and engineering firms (C/A/E) are required to retain hard copy blueprints for reference.  It's common to find many rolls of openly stored blue prints that are vulnerable to damage.  These firms, along with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Point of Purchase (POP) signage print providers, need a digital workflow that allows them to scan, file, store, and print their wide format outputs.  Additionally these types of companies are looking for cost recovery solutions that allow them to track usage and bill back departments and personnel.  We can provide you with advanced scanning, secure cloud-based storage and flexible bill back options that enhance your wide format workflow.  The billing back of prints charges to clients, individuals or departments can also be handled seamlessly.  This approach allows C/A/E firms to better manage print budgets and can help in assigning costs or cost recovery. 

 What if a flood, fire, tornado or some other natural disaster were to destroy your records? 

How do you currently handle the storage of D and E sized blueprint drawings or other wide format outputs? 


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What recovery plan do you currently have in place in case of a natural disaster?