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Controlling cost’s to satisfy your school board and parents while offering the best technology to your staff and students is a difficult balancing act.  We are not envious, but we can help!

Beeler provides solutions for 93 percent of all schools in Chattanooga and surrounding communities. Copiers account for one of the largest expenses in schools today. These schools have seen the value of a knowledgeable team and top of the line equipment we provide as a true asset.  Many have entrusted us as their total solution provider.  We do not take that responsibility lightly and cannot thank them enough for that level of confidence.


We offer a full range of multi-function copiers in full color and black and white.  Multi-function machines will give you the option to copy, print, scan and fax as needed.  Teachers can send jobs to the printer as instruction time allows and then retrieve the documents at the copier during a planning period or more convenient time.  We can help you set up programs to track usage, cut back on your total number of copies and manage printers in each classroom.  We have the dedicated team and technology that make this a reality for you too.


Laminators are still a need in schools.  We sell and service laminators as well as the film to keep them running.  We carry poster makers that many schools utilize to make large posters and signs to place throughout the school. They can keep things fun and keep the children engaged on many different topics.  Publishing centers are now becoming a big part in schools.  Punch and bind equipment is a neat addition to any publishing center.  The students can have hands on learning opportunities, like how their own notebooks are made. Also learning how businesses that they may work at in the future prepare presentation documents.  Find these solutions and more below.


Let us show you ways to save money using the tools we offer. Special pricing is available to churches, schools, non-profit organizations and government agencies.  Contact us for an assessment of your needs today. 


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