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Funeral/Burial Services

You are dealing with families at one of the worst times of their life and you need to be at your best.  Print quality, printing on different finishes and weights of paper, and reliable service are important to you.  We understand that.  You are turning over a finished product with memorial folders, bookmarks, photos that matter to the families and you cannot afford to have a poor print quality.  We see memorial folders run on letter and legal sized, multiple weight and finishes, some are pre-perforated, and you need a machine that will not hesitate or go on the blink regardless of how you choose to run folders.  When you have a family in and are trying to scan photos, run sample folders and gather necessary documentation for the services you cannot be bogged down by a machine that isn't working correctly.  We stand beside the reliable equipment that we install and we support it when it matters most.   

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