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Are delays in processing paper leading to delays in decision making?  

You have a strong and diverse workforce.  You put out great products at a pace that has to keep up with rising customer demands.  The type of workflow initiative and how it is implemented can lead to increased success or disaster.  We know how to help.  We have the equipment, personnel, and resources to help you raise the bar of profits while keeping security, safety and ease of use paramount.  Some of the parts of this plan that you likely consider are reliability, print quality, and convenience.  Our machines are built to a strict standard and our service department can service them when needed to ensure that you are always productive.  When making marketing materials, safety posters, spreadsheets and more you expect that your input is exactly what comes out.  Crisp lines and vibrant colors are not just possible, they are the norm for the Lanier(Ricoh) line of products.  How your employees, vendors, guests, and business partners are able to print, scan, copy, and fax can keep headaches to a minimum.  This allows everyone to continue working toward the main goals, like increased productivity, profits, and safety. 


Are current printing devices falling short in your creative needs like marketing or safety materials? 

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Are on-the-go workers or business partners having trouble obtaining or gathering information critical to their function?