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As children we are taught that one of the only things that someone cannot take from us is our integrity.  You lose your integrity by giving it away.  We believe in that same idea.  We never want to lose our integrity.  Our staff are not paid commissions by the company.  Mr. Beeler knows that it is important for them to recommend what is best for you and your business, not what pays the highest commission.  Being locally owned and operated keeps our integrity to it's highest as well.  We don't want to run and hide when we see you in a restaurant or store.  We want to come shake your hand, look you in the eye and thank you for being a customer.  Those are things you just don't find everywhere.  If you feel like you've been done wrong, you can call our office and ask to speak to Mr. Beeler.  He doesn't screen the calls and he does welcome feedback, positive or negative.  Good luck speaking to the owner of national or regional providers.  We are committed to doing business the right way every time.  That's the only real way to grow a long term, strong and successful business.

Our Integrity