business solutions + document management + workflow automation 

Are you able to track your costs and client billing effectively? 


Are you getting the full benefit of your scanning technology?  

Are you able to access your digital files cost effectively and when you need them?  

The practice of law involves information, much of it on paper.  The amount of information produced and reviewed by a law office is staggering.  Cases can involve years of correspondence plus the massive amounts of paperwork generated during a case.  Although much of the communication between lawyers and their clients, opposing counsel and other party's counsel have moved from fax and paper to email, law firms are still looking to us to help improve workflow and improve paper-based processes.  They also need their equipment to perform at it's highest potential all during the day.  Our sales team can train your staff.  Our service department will keep everything operational promptly and professionally.

If answering these questions or more would be helpful to your practice contact us for an assessment of your needs.